Portishead Partial Dentures

A regular inspection of your denture is important to confirm that the fit and function that they intended to provide are being met. We will also advise on denture hygiene and any effects that they might be having on the tissues in the mouth and possible contributions to decay. Dentures can be constructed either from acrylic or have a metal cobalt chrome frame which is both thinner and stronger. Loose dentures can be relined to fit again, and dentures can be used with implants for the ultimate retention and support.


At the dental clinic Portishead, we understand the value of your oral health and smile. Keeping this as our primary goal, we have gathered an expert team of Prosthodontists and cosmetic dentists. With their years of training and experience, the dentists at the dental clinic Portishead are some of the best in the field of dental practice. Keeping with the standards of good dental practice, before creating dentures, dentists at the Portishead clinic conduct a thorough assessment of the patient’s dental condition is made.

The Dental Clinic Portishead is all about providing patients with quality dental care that is PAIN-FREE. To ensure this our Portishead cosmetic dentists use only the latest materials and techniques to create customized dentures that fit each patient perfectly.