White Fillings Portishead

Root fillings

When the nerve and blood supply to a tooth dies off, an abscess will form in the root. This can be the result of trauma, decay or gum disease. The choice of treatment available at The dental clinic Portishead is extracting the offending tooth or saving it with root canal therapy. With modern techniques, this is a reliable and painless procedure where the root of the tooth is cleaned out and then filled to prevent any area for infection. The tooth can then be restored in appearance and function.

Filling materials

Minor chips, marks and color defects can easily be remedied with a white filling material (that comes in many different shades) and is matched and molded to your own tooth. This is a quick and inexpensive process with great results.
Filling materials can either be tooth colored

or the traditional silver amalgam. The majority of the time a white filling will be the material of choice for appearance and strength. Sometimes we shall recommend an amalgam filling on a back tooth.