Our Fees

Portishead dentist fees and costs in the UK at Dental clinic Portishead.

If the treatment you require is not mentioned, please do not hesitate to ask our receptionist who will advise you as necessary.

Treatment Price
Regular examination £33.25
New patient consultation £60.00
Emergency Appointment from £80
Scaling with the Hygienist £68.00
Teeth whitening £300
Root canal treatment from £410 to £662
Root canal files £40
Fillings from £83.20 to £167.10
(depending on the material that is used)
from £613.60 to £655.00
with a cemented restoration (crown) on a standard metal abutment
Wrinkle relaxing injections from £150
Dermal filler - lines from £250
Dermal filler - volume from £300
Dermal filler for lips, folds, cheeks – 1ml from £250
Lip filler - 0.7ml £225
Tear trough filler £350
Non surgical rhinoplasty £350
Tooth grinding / jaw slimming from £300
Non surgical neck lift from £300
Gummy smile £150
Hyperhidrosis / excess sweating from £400
ZO® 3 Step Peel £350
Obagi Blue Radiance Chemical Peel – Course of 3 treatments £300