Professional Teeth Cleaning Portishead

As well as a thorough examination, an essential component in the prevention of dental problems is good oral hygiene. Despite all our best efforts we will all miss the mark to some degree and so a bit of professional input is much appreciated in the quest to prevent gum disease, decay and bone loss around the teeth. This can take the form of a scale and polish with the dentist or a visit to the hygienist. We shall also inform you of the best methods to keep your teeth in good health.

Recent changes in the law has introduced “Direct Access” which allows patients to book an appointment with the hygienist without the need to see a dentist first. You may be a patient of another practice that does not have a hygienist, you may be getting married or have an important social occasion upcoming and would like your teeth cleaned and polished. If you are not a patient of the practice we would warmly welcome you and hope that we could help meet your needs. The hygienist cannot provide routine examinations or other treatments which are out of their scope of duties, so we must draw your attention to the fact that you should make sure that your teeth are regularly examined by a dentist to maintain gum health and that tooth decay is controlled.