Stainless Steel Fixed Braces

A confident smile lets your personality shine through – so it stands to reason that you will always want to look as good as possible. And if it’s straighter teeth you want, traditional fixed braces are a cost-effective route to smile perfection.


What are stainless steel fixed braces?

Stainless steel fixed braces are traditional braces, and they are probably the first things that spring to mind whenever anyone mentions braces. With fixed braces, small brackets will be placed onto each of your teeth, and wires will hold them all together. The braces can be tightened, which means that your teeth will move to achieve the position that you are aiming for.

All patients are different when it comes to how long this treatment is going to take, but most people find that they will need to wear braces for between 18 months and two years.


What are the benefits of stainless steel fixed braces?

There are several benefits to this method of teeth straightening, and there are very good reasons why dentists keep returning to this tried and tested method.

One great thing is that the braces stay in place for the duration of treatment. This is good for two reasons. Firstly, you won’t need to attend lengthy appointments to have braces refitted, as it’s as simple as tightening them slightly each time.

Secondly, the design of these fixed braces means that there is no plastic on the roof of your mouth. This means that eating and speaking will be easier than some other removable options. You should find that having stainless steel fixed braces doesn’t impact on your life too much.


How do I decide if these braces are right for me?

There are many options when it comes to braces, so it would certainly be understandable if you were a little wary about which one you should choose. However, our team will talk you through all of the available options, and this means that you will be completely comfortable with the one that you ultimately pick to go with for your treatment.


How are stainless steel fixed braces fitted?

We will take a mould of your teeth, to give us plenty of information about where the braces should sit, and how they should be tightened for the best possible effect. After this, we will invite you in, and attach a small metal bracket to each of your teeth. A wire will connect them. At first, these will be misaligned, as the aim is to bring the brackets and wires in line, along with the teeth that they are attached to. When this has been done, your teeth will be in the position you hoped for. Then, we will remove the brace, and you will be advised to wear a retainer each evening in place of it.


How do I care for these braces?

You might well find that food can get stuck in them from time to time. Throughout your treatment, you will learn which foods are best avoided, and you will also need to develop an excellent cleaning routine to make sure that bacteria cannot get stuck in the metal of your braces.

This should include brushing – preferably after every meal – and flossing daily. You will find that an antibacterial mouthwash will also help to keep bacteria at bay, so this is a must to use if you don’t already.

Overall, you are likely to find that stainless steel fixed braces can bring the results that you are looking for, meaning that they are a great option to discuss with our Portishead team if you are unhappy with your smile at the moment.