Incognito Lingual Fixed Braces

Patients priorities are as unique as their smiles. When discretion is top of your list, Incognito Lingual braces are a great alternative to traditional braces. 


What are Incognito Lingual Braces?

Incognito lingual fixed braces are in many ways similar to the traditional metal braces that you may have seen before. They use wires and brackets on each tooth to help them be pulled into place. 

However, there’s a crucial difference which makes Incognito Lingual braces virtually invisible: They are fixed to the rear of the teeth where others can’t spot them.


What are the positives?

The main advantage is of course that other people cannot see incognito Lingual Braces, so no one will ever know you’re wearing braces at all unless you want to tell them. Not only this, but the braces will also not leave marks on the front of your teeth at the end of your treatment, which can occasionally be an issue with other kinds of braces. Also, if you play a musical instrument, and are concerned about braces affecting your ability to play, Incognito Lingual Braces shouldn’t pose a problem. 


What is the process of getting my incognito lingual fixed brace fitted?

The first thing to do is to have a good chat with us about your situation, and we will give you advice about the treatment that is right for you. Once we’ve decided to go ahead with an incognito fixed lingual brace, we will take impressions and x-rays of your mouth to assess the best way forward.

The braces will be fitted in a further appointment, and you will need to come back to see us every couple of weeks so that we can tighten them, and make sure that everything is moving along as it should be.

Once the brace has done its job, we can remove it for you in one appointment. 


How can I make sure my teeth are taken care of during treatment?

The good thing about Incognito Lingual Braces is that they shouldn’t have a significant impact on how you’re able to look after your teeth. You should brush and floss every day just as you do now, and mouthwash becomes even more critical than ever, as you will need to make sure that bacteria is avoided as far as possible.

By taking care of your teeth in the way we recommend, you will be more than happy with the results that you can get from an incognito lingual fixed brace.